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7 Fun Facts About Dog Sledding – An Introduction

Dog sledding, also known as mushing, is a popular winter sport that involves using a team of dogs to pull a sled over snow and ice. While many people are familiar with the basics of dog sledding, the sport remains a complex activity with a deep base of knowledge and a rich history. There is…

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Gear Features: We’ve got your back(straps)!

  At Portage North and Sundog Sport, we sell gear that we would want to use and that we can trust. In that pursuit, we are constantly improving our gear so that it can be more enjoyable to use, more trustworthy, and easier to make to a high standard. Much has changed since Portage North…

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What’s Old is New Again on Chapman St. – Ely, MN

Summer is nearly upon us and the streets of Ely are bustling with canoeists, campers, and fishermen eager to enjoy their trips to the BWCA. Hopefully we’ll talk with many of them at Portage North and Sundog Sports in our new and improved retail space which we look to reopen sometime this June. And as…

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