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Dogs That Love Winter – From Alaskan Malamutes To Samoyeds

February 17, 2023

If you’re looking for a dog that loves the snow and cold temperatures of winter, then look no further! Winter-loving breeds like the Alaskan Malamute and Samoyed make excellent family companions, and they also excel in dog sports like sledding and skijoring. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best breeds of dogs to…


The Longest Dogsled Races in the World

February 8, 2023

At the end of January, the longest dog sled race in the lower 48, the Beargrease, ran up Minnesota’s north shore and culminated in an exciting finish between Keith Aili and Ryan Anderson. It’s an amazing race with a variety of trail types and terrain over the course of its more than 300 miles. But…


7 Fun Facts About Dog Sledding – An Introduction

February 3, 2023

Dog sledding, also known as mushing, is a popular winter sport that involves using a team of dogs to pull a sled over snow and ice. While many people are familiar with the basics of dog sledding, the sport remains a complex activity with a deep base of knowledge and a rich history. There is…


The Best BWCA Entry Points for Every Winter Activity

December 12, 2022

With lake ice quickly becoming travelable, many of us are dreaming about where in the BWCA we’ll head this winter. Winter is a peculiar contrast to summer in this neck of the woods. A whole different gear set is required to travel and stay safe (more on that in future articles.) Accessibility becomes much harder…


The Best Dog for the BW – A Children’s Story

September 29, 2022

A small preface. This week’s article is written with a fair bit of satire and is meant to be read as a children’s story. There are so many different dog breeds which all excel at different things. Many, many different breeds are phenomenal companions for backcountry canoe camping, but which dog is the top dog…


10 Minnesota Hikes to Try this Fall with your Dog

September 22, 2022

Today is the first official day of fall and, at least here in Ely, it definitely is beginning to feel it. The nights are cold, the sun is setting earlier and earlier, and the leaves are beginning to turn. We’re counting down the days to winter dog sport season now, but fall is a wonderful…