Introducing the new RainKoat™ coating solution to our line of ripstop tarps and tarp shelters
  • Hyper Water Repellant

    Internal lab tests have shown RainKoat™ waterproof ratings exceeding a hydrostatic head of 5000mm.  That’s up to twice as waterproof as silicon coated fabrics like silnylon and silpoly,

  • Fire Retardant

    We like to see the night sky stars… just not through our tarps.  RainKoat™ includes a protective fire retardant layer to prevent damage from stray sparks from the campfire.  This makes it a great option to keep your camp kitchen dry and out of the weather.

  • UV Protection

    RainKoat™ features two layers of UV protection.  The waterproof layer is naturally unaffected by ultraviolet and resistant to oxidizing, discoloring, and embrittlement.  We then add a second layer of UV protection to shield the ripstop fabric from the harmful affects of the sun.