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Collar Size:

  1. Measure around the neck where your dog's collar rests.  This will be higher than where the harness will lay.
  2. Another method is to remove the collar and measure the length of the collar by unclipping it, or twice the length of the collar folded in half.

Back Length:

  1. Find the vertebra in between the point of your dog's shoulder blades (the withers) and measure down to the base of the tail where it meets the body (tail set).
SIZETug Loop Color CodeWt. of Dog (lbs)Dogs Actual Collar SizeBack Length
Pup1 Yellow / 1 White25-3013 1/4″19″
Small2 Blue35-4014 1/2″21″
Small Long1 Blue / 1 Red40-4514 1/2″22″
Medium2 Red40-4516″22″
Medium Long1 Red / 1 Green46-5216″23 1/2″
Medium X-Long1 Red / 1 Black46-5216″24 1/2″
Large2 Green46-5217″23 1/2″
Large Long1 Green / 1 Black52-5817″24 1/2″
Large X-Long1 Green / 1 Orange58-6517″25 1/2″
X-Large2 Black58-6518″25 1/2″
XLN2 Yellow60-7020 1/2″25 1/2″
XL-XN1 Yellow/ 1Orange70-8022″26 1/4″
XL-XLong1 Orange / 1 Black70-8018″28″
XXL2 Orange75-8518 1/2″28″
XXN2 White85-10021″29″
XXX1 Blue/ 1 White100-12022 1/2″30″
XXXN1 Red/ 1 White120-13523 1/4″33″
(These are estimated weights for each size.
Dogs and weights will vary by breed.)
The Kondos X-Back Harness Design

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