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Map Case



Our Map Case is the perfect dimensions to hold a Fisher or McKenzie map folded in quarters. Built from a water resistant 400 denier nylon, the case features a window made of heavy weight clear vinyl that keeps the water out and map clearly legible. The top of the Map Case is closed with Velcro and has nylon straps with buckles designed to attach the map to the thwart of a canoe or pack top for use while paddling. We are often asked if the case is waterproof. The answer to that is no, and like with all of our gear, we subscribe to the notion of gear that dries quickly rather than trying to be “waterproof”. At some point in the rain you will innevitably need to flip and reposition the map, and more often than not the rain will get in. It’s better to have a map case that dries out after a rain, than a waterproof case that traps the water in.


Dimensions: 12in x 15in

Materials: Nylon

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