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Skijoring/Canicross Kit

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Details and Features

Have fun with your dog year around!  The updated Combi-jore Kit is the premium kit for both skijoring, canicross, scootering, and can work with some bikejoring set ups as well.  When the snow falls, get out and ski with your favorite companion, and when it melts (or if you never had it in the first place) loose the skis and run with your dog.

Joring will continue to build that bond between you and your dog as you learn to work together.  Don’t be surprised to find yourself out skiing or running longer as your dog helps you keep a better pace.

The wide waist belt is padded on the hips for extra comfort and the dual adjust buckles are quick and easy to adjust to any size.  Made with the same 16-strand polyethylene rope we use for dogsled ganglines, this kit is built to last through summer heat and winter cold,  The main tugline features an integrated bungee section to soften starts and rugged terrain.

Should things get out hand, especially while just beginning, or other emergencies the quick release snap allows you to quickly and safely disconnect from your dog.


Kit Includes:

Wide, padded waist belt with dual adjust buckles

Shock absorbing tug line with quick release snap

1 dog lead line with brass snaps

Zippered kit bag with color coordinated handle and room for a dog harness