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Wrist Wrap

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Details and Features

When your dog is active, it is important to remember their leg health. Kondos Outdoors Wrist Wraps securely fit around your dog’s legs with a stretch fabric that is both wind and water resistant while being flexible allowing full movement. The wrap supports their foreleg muscles, bones, and tendons to help reduce stress and keep their legs warm during high stress activities. We have built our dog products from 30 years of mushing experience, and hand make our products to ensure the highest qualit

  • Supports your dog’s foreleg muscles, tendons, and bones during stress activities
  • The wrap securely wraps around the leg with stretch fabric and Velcro straps
  • Fabric is wind and water resitant to help reatain heat in cold tempuratures
  • Machine washable


Materials: Neoprene, Fleece


Standard – Best fits legs 3in – 5.5″ in circumference, and extends 8 inches high

Tall – Best fits legs 4-6.5″ in circumference, and extends 10 inches high