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  • Food Pack 3900

Food Pack 3900 (67L)



The food pack, as its name suggests, is built to carry all the nourishment you'll need for a week in the BWCA. Featuring wide gussets and a double layer of fabric on the bottom, for durability over portages. All of our food packs come standard with metal lift loops to store your goods in the trees overnight to keep the pests out.  See our Bear Stop kit and Hanging V to utilize these rings exactly how they were intended to be used. While we wouldn't recommend putting them to the test, our Food Packs have withstood curious bears in the past, and came out only needing minor repairs.

The 1000 denier fabric used in all our packs is treated with a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) coating to help water bead and run off the bag rather than soak in on contact. Extended gussets on either side of the bag form "gusset ears" that can be buckled together under the pack's lid to help keep the elements out of all your packed food. The Food Pack's shoulder straps are designed with comfort in mind, and curve away from your body at the bottom to avoid chafing. When full, the food bag tends to be the heaviest pack around. For that reason, we recommend adding the waist belt. The sternum strap keeps both shoulder straps from slipping outwards and impairing the movement of your arms, while load lifters help pull the pack up and forward for a better center of gravity.


Volume: 3900 in³ (67L)
Height: 20 in.
Width: 17 in.
Depth: 11.5 in.

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