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  • Featherlite Racing Dog Booties

Featherlite Racing Dog Booties

Quantity Discounts
Discount can be applied to mixed sizes.
100-249 $2.45 ea.
250+ $1.79 ea.


Our FeatherliteTM booties are used by professional dog mushers and sportsmen for their working dogs in snowy conditions.  The stretch loop makes them easy to put on and take off while staying secure during use, and the hemmed top adds many extra miles of use.  Our specific Cordura blend fabric is of the 330 denier family many mushers a familiar with, however is actually a 500 denier bootie at the same weight. These are  high mileage, lightweight, quick dry boots that have tons of wear on snow, but will degrade on rough surfaces. Booties are sold individually.

Hook fastener color coded to size.


  • Lightweight Cordura Blend.  (A stronger 500 denier fabric than 330 denier)
  • Stretch loop closure
  • Holds on securely while in use
  • Stretch loop allows bootie to be pulled off.  No hassle
  • Hemmed top for added mileage and wear

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