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Durapaw Dog Bootie

Quantity Discounts
5 - 10 $ -.25
11-20 $-.70
21-50 $-1.10
51+ $-1.22

Details and Features

When you want the most protection for your dog’s paws, with the most durability, you need the Durapaw Dog Bootie from Kondos Outdoors. With decades of experience in dog sledding, Kondos Outdoors knows what your dog needs went it comes to footwear. The booties are made with a soft fleece inner layer, and a tough rubberized outer layer to protect your dog’s paws and add durability to the boot. The Velcro straps keeps the boot on and snug, and is our longest lasting dog boot.

Color coded to size.  XXS=White, XS=Yellow, S=Blue, M=Red, L=Green, XL=Black, XXL=Orange



Fleece with Toughtek® sole
Elastic loop closure