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Squall 3 with Rainkoat™

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  • Squall 3 with RainKoat™

Details and Features

The Squall 3 is exceptional in strength, and now features our RainKoat™ coating making it hyper waterproof and highly UV resistant and fire retardant. The perimeter is reinforced with nylon webbing and 24 integrated tie outs for staking out the tarp to your configuration. We don’t put grommets into tarps as that becomes the weak point in the material and will inevitably tear through.  Instead our tie outs will weather through the worst winds.

Additionally the Squall 3 features a sewn in center ridgeline; eliminating the need to run a ridgeline rope that the tarp and will flap against in winds, wearing down the tarp, and making for a quick and easy setup.

All tarps come with tarp bags for easy storing.



310 – 10ft x 10ft

312 – 10ft x 12ft

Material: 1.9 oz Rip-Stop nylon with RainKoat™

Hydrostatic Head (waterproofness): +5000mm (Greater than silnylon or silpoly)


310 – 2lb 4oz

312 – 2lb 13oz

Tie-outs: 24