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Bear Stop



When you're out in the wilderness, your food is your lifeline, and you must to keep it safe.  Store your food at night or when you are away from your campsite to keep it away from the animals.  The Bear Stop makes light of the chore of stringing your food pack in the trees away from bears and other animals.   The kit comes with 2 sections of 50ft of polyethylene rope, a 3:1 pulley system that lightens the load, 1 screw lock carabiner, and instructions.  Spend less time stringing up your pack and more time enjoying your surroundings.


Kit Contains:

(1) Single Sheave Pulley
(1) Double Sheave Pulley
(1) Locking Carabiner
(2) 50ft Polyethylene Rope
(1)  Kit Bag

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