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Kondos is Harnessing Its Team and Packing Up to a New Location

Ely, MN – Kondos Outdoors, an Ely based manufacturer crafting canoe packs, camping gear, and dog sport gear, is moving up– to the top of the hill that is. Soon you will hear the hum of the cutting table and the rhythmic punching of the sewing machines at its new location at 145 East Chapman St.


“Four years ago we made the first big move into Ely proper, and now we have the opportunity to move to an even more central location where we can feel like we’re a real part of town. I’ve always admired the craft culture that Ely has and I think we can better be a part of our community in this new space,” said Michael Larson, Owner and craftsman.


Kondos Outdoors, founded by Dan and Vicki Kondos, has been crafting canoe packs, camping gear, and dog sport gear in Ely, MN since 1980.  “Our team is excited for the new move, and we are looking forward to having some more space to work in and show off our new products.  It will take a little time for us to settle into the new space and make it our own, but I am excited about what we will be able to do with the place over the coming months,” Larson said.

 Kondos will be closing their retail store September 11th - October 11th, while they make their move and set up in their new location. They will still be operating during this time and products will be available online at


About Kondos ( - Kondos has been crafting tough gear for paddlers, canine athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts in Ely, MN since 1980. From the frozen tundra of the Alaskan frontier to the rugged terrain of Northern Minnesota, our gear has been tested and proven for wilderness adventures near and far.  


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